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October 29, 2021 | Wine Club Tasting Notes | Maritime Wine Club

October Wine Club Tasting Notes

Jules Taylor “OTQ” Pinot Noir 2019 – Marlborough, New Zealand – 100% Pinot Noir

It’s officially Fall and we’re starting to look ahead to the many dinners that will be planned this holiday season. The wines this month are perfect for any Friends-Giving parties you’ll be having, starting with this lovely single vineyard, biodynamic Pinot Noir from Jules Taylor. It explodes with Black Doris plums and boysenberry fruit, floral notes of violet and earthy, truffle and liquorice overtones. Spice from the French oak barriques are layered with earthy notes and hints of dark chocolate. This is a serious wine that will reward a few years in the cellar. It is ripe, concentrated, and full bodied, with impressive flavors and plenty of earthy tannins leading to a long, fine, dry finish. Jules recommends decanting for about 20 minutes prior for ideal drinking, and we suggest chilling the bottle down a bit before serving. A great paring with poultry, this wine will also go well with most red meats, and especially the strong flavors of wild game such as duck or venison. It is also great with mushrooms or eggplant dishes.

Kornell “Greif” Lagrein 2019 – Alto Adige Südtiroler, Italy – 100% Lagrein

Greif (no, not grief) in German means “gripping” as in gripping tannins, although while this red has savory finish, it’s the pretty nose and deep blue fruit notes on the palate that make the 2019 Lagrein shine. The nose presents ripe blackberries, exotic spices, and bitter chocolate, and the complex mouthfeel is both full-bodied and juicy at the same time. In this sense we find it’s very similar to Syrah. This is an Alpine wine grown at the base of the alps and in a region that was once Austrian. Since the Italian’s took possession of the land during the world wars the region has been a unique blend of Austrian and Italian culture, wines, and cuisine. This Lagrein can therefore go with any hearty meal from wienerschintzle to light pastas dishes, grilled game, and hard cheeses like Pecorino.

Kornell “Gris” Pinot Grigio 2019 – Alto Adige Südtiroler, Italy – 100% Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio usually gets a bad rap (and often for good reason), but there are serious Pinot Grigios out there and one region that is famed for complex Pinot Grigio is Alto Adige. The cool climate allows for the same complexity you can find in Pinot Gris (hence “Gris”) from Northern France. With Kornell’s Pinot Grigio you’ll get notes of mountain wildflowers, peach skin, and pear. The palate is fresh, elegant, and a touch spicy. The mouth feel is sumptuous with a mineral finish. As I mentioned above with the Lagrein, this wine is equally great with Italian antipasti and pesto pastas as well as grilled vegetables and freshwater fish dishes like the Austrian Trout Munière.


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