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Les Jamelles Brut Chardonnay NV

Les Jamelles Brut Chardonnay NV
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Since 1995, Les Jamelles has been produced by Catherine and Laurent Delaunay, two young winemakers from Burgundy, whose family has been producing wine for four generations. After working in California, they both fell under the charm of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the South of France.

Catherine Delaunay is one of few rare women to work as a winemaker. Throughout the year, in particular during the harvest period, she travels the length and breadth of the region visiting the growers who work in partnership with Les Jamelles, supervising the vinification processes, organizing the aging of the wines, and carrying out the final blending.

A veritable maestro, passionate about the art of wine tasting, Catherine oversees and is responsible for the quality of each the “Les Jamelles” wines.

Les Jamelles wines come from the Pays d’Oc (Languedoc-Roussillon), the biggest vineyard region in the world. It boasts a wide range of geographic features, from the sunny beaches on the Mediterranean sea to the plains of Béziers, to the banks of the Rhône to the Pyrenees mountains. As in Burgundy, the region offers an infinite of terroirs and microclimates, allowing very different wines to be produced.

The secret behind the high quality of the Les Jamelles wines lies in this rich variety of complementary terroirs – some provide fruit, others structure or roundness, and others freshness.

Wine Specs
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
This Chardonnay boasts beautiful pale gold color and a trail of fine, long-lasting bubbles. Its nose is extremely expressive and exudes captivating aromas of white-fleshed peach. Fruity notes (white-fleshed fruit) on the palate with flavors of dried fruit and a touch of acacia honey. The finish is evocative of lemon zest. Overall, this wine offers remarkable freshness and lovely tension.
Vineyard Notes
The grapes come from several judiciously selected terroirs: 2/3 of the grapes are cultivated halfway up the slope on hillsides in the Hérault department, whose clay and pebble-rich soil lends a lovely range of flavors and fruit to the cuvée; the remaining third hails from the foothills of the Cévennes, in the Gard department, whose calcareous clay soil lends freshness to the wine.
Production Notes
The vinification process was supervised by Eric Moëc who has had a great deal of experience in crafting sparkling wines at many renowned estates. The Chardonnay grapes are vinified at monitored temperatures to extract as much of the varietal’s typical aromas and flavors as possible and to give the wine added complexity. The wines are allowed to age on the lees for 3 months following fermentation. Then comes the time to blend the cuvées, which are selected according to criteria based on balance, richness of flavors and acidity. The base wines are blended in a stainless steel tank. A “liqueur de tirage” (a mixture of wine, sugar and yeast) is added to provoke a second fermentation, which creates the bubbles. This takes a minimum of three weeks.
Food Pairing Notes
This fresh, fruity Chardonnay may be enjoyed well chilled (41-45°F) as an aperitif alongside petits fours. It may also be paired with a fruit dessert, panna cotta and even white chocolate desserts.
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