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Tenuta Di Aglaea Annacare Etna Rosso 2012

Tenuta Di Aglaea Annacare  Etna Rosso 2012
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Aglaea – the youngest of the Three Graces or Charites as they were also known the three sisters, and daughters of the God Zeus. Aglaea was the goddess of beauty, splendor, glory, magnificence and adornment. At times she acted as messenger for Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Aglaea is significant with winemaker,  Anne-Louise Mikkelsen's sentiments for Etna; with what her wines try to express, and how they do so. In that sense, the wines of Tenuta di Aglaea act as her messengers from Etna.

An absolute unique terroir makes the vineyards – a direct consequence of Etna and its numerous eruptions since its volcanic activity began more than half a million years ago. The lava flows hardened layers upon layers, and ashes filled on top. The result today is a very porous soil that is abundant in minerals and extremely fertile. The vineyards are cultivated in terraces held up and apart by ancient stone walls 3-4 feet high

Wine Specs
Narello Mascalese
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Light fruit notes of strawberry and raspberry. Reveals velvety tannins, is elegant, complex and with a long lasting aftertaste. It shows gracefully, is extremely delicate, self-confident and sophisticated. Drinks well in five-12 years.
Vineyard Notes
Black soil, deep porous volcano ash soil with traces of sand, very rich in minerals.
Winemaker Notes
Annacare is of the finest selection of grapes. The name is a word derived from Sicilian dialect and means ‘to lull’ like to gently lull a newborn to sleep. Annacare is the essence of our perception of Etna and 100 year old Nerello Mascalese that has all to tell. It is pure, like magic spring water, and offers lots of mineral notes from the many century old lava-streams from where it derives.
Food Pairing Notes
Annacare goes well with many different ingredients and dishes. We would propose to pair it with both classic rustic Sicilian dishes as well as fine food. Lamb, vegetables, truffle, heavier fish dishes, mushrooms (funghi porcini), white meats and ‘lighter’ cooked red meats. Roasted nuts, and hard cheeses like comtè, gruyere, pecorino and good parmesan.
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